Crystal Grid for Moon Energy
Crystal Grid for Moon Energy

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All of my crystal grids are hand painted in watercolor according to sacred geometry patterns.  Most designs include watercolor paint made from mica, providing a shimmery effect and additional metaphysical properties*.  All stones are chosen intuitively and are placed and charged with reiki energy.


This grid starts with the “infinite hexagram”(merkaba) geometric pattern which can kick-start change and transformation and restructure energies.  The base is painted in watercolor made from gemstones and mica.  This grid was created to be two different grids in one, with stones for the full moon, and replacement stones for the new moon. This should be switched back at the next full moon.  The set includes:  hand-painted Grid, Center stone:  One rainbow moonstone tower, support stones:  six tumbled labradorite, six shards of selenite (please use caution with the selenite as it can have sharp shards).  stones included for the full moon:  six tumbled black obsidian and six tumbled amethyst.  Stones included for the new moon:  six tumbled bloodstones and six tumbled moonstones.


I designed, created and set this grid with intent to offer healing energy in conjunction with the moon phases and the energy shifts that come with them.  The new moon is yin energy, and is the time to set intentions.  It is a period of renewal, beginnings and starting new projects. The full moon is yang energy, and is the time of completion, closing of old energies.  The grid has also been set with intention that it be reset at your home. Distance reiki can also be sent to you while setting the grid up for the first time.  Please email to request distance reiki.


Metaphysical properties of the stones in this grid:

Rainbow moonstone:  opens crown chakra and connects to divine inspiration.  Provides intuition, connection and balance.

Labradorite:  protection, connection with universal energies.

Selenite:  cleanses and clears negative energy, opens crown chakra.  Helps in facilitating creative energies, as well as letting go of the old.

*Bloodstone:  enhances decision making and intuition.  Creativity and grounding.

*moonstone: stone of new beginnings.

**black obsidian:  grounding.  Lets go of the old.  Releases negativity and brings strength.

**Amethyst:  clears emotions, lets go of old patterns and promotes peace.

Mica:  Blocks Unnecessary Negativity, aids in cosmic awareness.


*stones for the new moon

**stones for the full moon

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