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Crystal Grid for Energizing, Happiness, Creativity and Success

Crystal Grid for Energizing, Happiness, Creativity and Success
Crystal Grid for Energizing, Happiness, Creativity and Success


All of my crystal grids are hand painted in watercolor according to sacred geometry patterns. Most designs include watercolor paint made from mica, providing a shimmery effect and additional metaphysical properties*. All stones are chosen intuitively and are placed and charged with reiki energy.

This grid starts with the sunburst geometric pattern. The base is painted in watercolor and a wash of mica paint. The set includes:

One citrine cluster
Six raw citrine points
Sixteen carnelian tumbled stones
Four orange calcite raw stones
Four sunstone tumbled stones
Instructions for setting the grid and descriptions of each stone's metaphysical properties

I designed, created and set this grid with intent to offer positive, warm, energizing energy to people and spaces. Harnessing the energy of the sun, this grid brings happiness and joy, while uplifting the spirit and motivating for success.  The grid has also been set with intention that it be reset at your home. Distance reiki can also be sent to you while setting the grid up for the first time.

Metaphysical properties of the stones in this grid:
Citrine:  Stone of light and happiness.  A cleanser and regenerator, dispelling negative energy, attracting abundance and success.
Carnelian:  A high energy stone, assisting with creativity and life force energy. Banishes negativity and motivates for success, especially in business.
Orange Calcite:  Energizing and cleansing, bringing positive energy and playfulness.
Sunstone:  Brings self-healing powers and light to the dark places of the mind, offering strength of personal power, joy and abundance.

*Mica: Blocks unnecessary negativity, aids in cosmic awareness.

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