2019 Button Factory Open Studios


The Open Studios in 2019 will be in the same format as last year, one day on Saturday before the Portsmouth holiday parade.  There will be a preview the night before, Friday, December 6.

There will not be artists from outside the building set up in the hallways, but on Saturday a number of guest artists will be hosted by tenants of the Button Factory in their studios.  During the Friday preview, only the artists of the building will be showing their work.


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Wentworth Coolidge Mansion Art Exhibit


Wentworth Coolidge Art ExhibitMay 25 - July 21, 2019 , Opening reception Sunday May 26, 1 - 2 PMHours: Wed. - Sun. 10 - 4 Wentworth Coolidge Museum, 375 Little Harbor rd, Portsmouth, NH


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2018 Button Factory Open Studios!



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A Sense of Space and Place


A two-person show featuring works in oil.  Please come to the opening Friday, October 5th from 5-8 pm!


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Button Factory Open Studios!



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PBR Mural is Finished!


It was so much fun and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity!  The City liked it so much they have asked me to do a second mural...so stay tuned!


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PBR Mural!


Pabst Blue Ribbon has been a huge support to the arts community with their PBR Art program. This mural is one of hundreds all over the country, but is the first in NH!  Located at The City in Seabrook, NH. 

The idea for the mural is to showcase a timeline of bottles and cans used by Pabst dating back to the 1800's. I did a lot of research and gathered images of bottles and cans. The City also asked for an image that would speak to Seabrook so I decided to put the beach in the background. 

Come by to check out my progress!


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Out with the old, in with the new


I heard of a studio becoming available and said "I'll take it" without giving it a second thought.  Afterward, I was nervous, thinking "can I afford it?" and "I'll miss my studio mates".  But, my goal has always been to have my own space.  Now, I have it.

I have learned many things about myself during the move...first I am a hoarder of art supplies.  Things I will never use piled up in closets and hidden in boxes.  I purged, selling off frames, giving away a couple easels, and throwing out several bags of trash.  Being raised in a frugal family has taught me to hold on to things because you never know when you might need them...but it does feel refreshing to clean out once every few years.

I also learned a lot about fear.  It would have been easier for me to stay where I was.  It would have been cheaper to stay where I was.  Fear makes you say no.  Fear makes you pass up opportunities.  But when your heart says yes before your brain has a chance to argue, go with it.  

Will the new studio make my work better, probably not.  But my self-confidence might be a little higher and I'm starting to think about painting new things, in new ways.  So we will see.  Life's gifts come in many forms; mine in the way of new sunlight hitting my pallet, an extra flight of stairs to climb, new footsteps passing my door and room enough to dance when a good song comes on.  


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Please Come to the Button Factory Open Studios!


Saturday and Sunday, December 3 & 4 from 11am - 5pm.  Click the image or visit http://www.buttonfactorystudios.com/press_release.htm for more information.


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Upcoming Exhibits!


Portraits of local artists and their work - by photographer Jay Goldsmith.
November 4 through December 23, 2016
Discover Portsmouth, 10 Middle Street, Portsmouth, NH
Opening Reception November 4, 5-8pm

Preview Exhibition
November 14 - December 16
Portsmouth Music and Arts Center, HAAS Family Gallery, 973 Islington St., Portsmouth
Opening Reception December 12, 5-6:30 pm

December 2, 5-8pm and December 3 & 4, 11-5pm
855 Islington Street, Portsmouth


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